With an extensive range of rapidly changing stock, labels for Autumn and Winter include Oska, Cut Loose, Two Danes, Grizas, Vetono, Raga, Sahara, Lily & Me, Yacomaricard,  Thanny and LauRie Trousers plus knits from The Quernstone, Ochre Cashmere, Eribe, and Sophies Wild Woollens.  Alongside, there is a selection of sensational raincoats from Mycrapac and a tremendous choice of scarves, stoles, berets, hats, and jewellery to complement, plus kimono dressing gowns, bags, specs and socks. And under our own Capriccio label a selection of unique and very beautiful vintage Kantha stitched jackets and coats.

The emphasis here is on quality, colour, originality, interesting shapes and textures in mainly natural fibres, so the cleverly integrated ranges make for a really yummy stash of very different, stylish, up-to-date but practical fashion with a very individual feel.

We were aiming to close the shop for good sometime in early February 2021 at the end of this autumn/winter.  However, due to third lockdown, we are unable to open our doors until the government says we can, so we will be closing later than expected –  sometime during Spring when we have had a chance to sell our remaining stock.  If you sign up to our newsletter via this website, you will be informed as soon as we reopen, and you can then rush in and pick up bargains galore! Will be your last chance…..

Unfortunately we are not selling online, as we are not equipped to do this.  Apologies.